Buy Reloadable Plastic Visa Card All Currency Acceptable

Plastic card

Reloadable Plastic Visa Card

It’s a visa international prepaid Physical visa card. Foreigners also can apply with your valid passport copy only. This card has many extra features like, With this card, you can load dollars from your PayPal account, make Facebook Boosting, Domain – Hosting payments, Neteller / Skrill account deposits & withdrawal, Alibaba or AliExpress payments, online shopping, or various website payments. This means that with a PayPal account, you get an international payment gateway service that is a payment solution authorized by the Malaysian Central Bank. Note: Only Shipping For Bangladeshi Member.

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Transaction charge:

In case of withdrawal from ringgit

Card to Mobile Banking 7.50 RM, Card to Bank 7.50 RM, Card to ATM 10 RM.

In case of withdrawal from the dollar

Card to Mobile Banking 3 USD, Card to Bank 3 USD, Card to ATM 3 USD Visa card


All the activities of the Remittance Visa Card are managed through mobile apps and web portals! The card will complete the registration under your passport! The card is valid until 2024! You can renew the card later by contacting us or the card provider company! Renewal charge 50 USD The same process even if the card is lost!

Limits and charges:

Our remittance (ringgit) Visa card holding limit is 2500 USD per day, and you can withdraw 750 USD per day! And monthly charge of $ 0.50 Our remittance (dollar) Visa card holding limit is 10,000 USD per day, and you can withdraw 10,000 USD per day!


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