Fastechanger is an e-currency exchanger with its primary function to help users exchange one type of e-currency to another.
Yes, adding more e-currency types is in our future plans.
Yes, our service is fully legal and safe. All deals and payment processors are legally registered and authorized.
Please inform us about it. Thank you for your cooperation.

You did not complete the transaction within 24 hours.

You sent an incorrect amount, and our system did not recognize your payment as a correct one.

If the reception has not yet been completed, you can! You will receive your money back less the fee of the payment system that made the payment, i.e., money shall be returned at your expense.

Shopping Order is basically for those who want to shop online, shopping, domain, host, Facebook boost, Google ads, etc., but cannot buy because of MasterCard or dollar.

By clicking on our Header Menu Exchange Button, you will be able to order your shopping order through Exchange from your preferred wallet.

The minimum amount of investment is only $1. The maximum amount is $500.
Yes, you can get a referral commission without making a Exchange.
If we take over $ 30 we'll be carrying Skrill and Neteller's fees. If you are $ 30 below, you have to pay fees.
Currently accepted and exchangeable e-currencies can be found on our Home page.
Contact our support service. Livechat
You can always leave feedback at our reviews page tab or at our social networks
It will be great if you contact the support team. Thank you.

If more than 1 hour elapsed, and you have not received your exchange:

1) Check whether you have specified the correct account number.

2) Contact customer support and specify the reference of the exchange operation, if necessary.

By clicking on our Header Menu, you can recharge your mobile through Exchange from your PM, Payeer, Web Money, Advcash wallet. However, at least $0.20 will be recharge for this process.

Yes, Bouns $0.50 credit your account instantly.
Yes, you will get 1.5% affiliate commission any exchange and You will get $0.10 per verified reffered user.
Note: BDT to USD does not allow Referral commission, If your referred user exchange money USD To BDT or USD To USD Then you will get 1.5% commission of transaction instantly in your account Balance.
Usually, we take 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes to complete order. If you have any urgency you can contact us over live chat, email, FB fan page inbox, WhatsApp, Skype and imo you can find our contact details in here.
International passport, Driving License or National ID (we only accept local ID cards from EEA countries) Selfie verification: Selfie your Real Face with hold your Card.